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21 August 2009 @ 12:15 am
Yes, I'm busy with starttheclock and the icons for it. Yes, voting is still going on. BUT WE NEED THIS!!!!

I think you can figure it out.

PS. Keep it clean. :)
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quarantedeux on August 21st, 2009 06:21 am (UTC)
OUI. Gillian was in Sarajevo for some film fest and said that there's been talk about it happening before 2012. And that would be the correct timing for a OMGZ TEH ALIENZ ARE COMING! movie, which I feel could actually be pretty good. If, you know, Scully is back to kicking ass and taking names like she used to.

Don't forget to specify that all kissing should be WELL LIT and not shot from some completely awkward angle.
oszras: XF | *glomp* |oszras on August 21st, 2009 06:29 am (UTC)
You know that could be actually cool! But I want the sexy times as well. XD

Oh, Scully. Go back to being a G-Woman. The FBI needs you!

Srsly! Well lit, good shots and no weird no-touchy zone that for some reason was in the second movie. Remember when they used to be all up in each others personal space, whispering to each other and touching? (his hand on the small of her back, him leaning, hunched over her, her touching is wrist, her running her hands through his hair, and rubbing his head) What happened to my Scully Mulder touchies?! *sigh*
quarantedeux on August 21st, 2009 06:45 am (UTC)
Explosions! Sexings! Explosive sexings!

Srsly. I have no doubt that she's a fantastic doctor, but I really miss the days when she carried a gun and bitchfaced at evildoers.

Ahhh the hand at the small of the back....that's one of my faves. Along with all of the little touching Mulder did during the "Redux" arc. GUH.

Although...forehead!sex is no substitute for ACTUAL sex.